The Eternal Fantasy: Help [experience]

                             .: Help Experience :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
As you can tell just by looking at your 'score' or 'qscore', you need
experience points to level here.
There's a line in your 'score' under 'VITAL INFORMATION' which should look
something like the following:
I'm sure you notice there are three types of levels, but the one we're talking
about is the one you should know just by playing other MUDs and video games.
'XP' is of course your total accumulated experience points. 'NEXT' is the amount
you would need to gain a level.
Note: 'NEXT' is commonly referred to as 'TNL' here. ie. To Next Level.

It would be a good idea to check 'help start combat' and 'help death'
if you're new here.

Here are a few other help files you may find useful:
hp jp sp