The Eternal Fantasy: Help [exits]

                                   .: Exits :.                                  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The game would be pretty boring if you couldn't move. Use exits to *****
***** explore! *****
Exits are how you move around in the game. Most rooms (note: a "room" is a term
used for your current location and not necessarily a room in a building) will
have at least one exit leading to another room. You may use an exit by typing it
out. All common exits have shortcuts associated with them:
north n
south s
east e
west w
northwest ne
southeast se
southwest sw
northwest nw
up u
down d

A room with no exits may require a different command, such as pulling a lever or
entering a portal, to leave. If you are in a room with no exits and cannot
figure out how to leave you may report it with the "bug" command, ask an admin
for help in the OOC channel, or use the "recall" command.

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