The Eternal Fantasy: Help [equipment]

                                 .: Equipment :.                                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Information on player equipment *****
These are the basic equipment slots in The Eternal Fantasy.
Certain slots are only available to certain classes.
You may check your equipment at any time with the equipment (or eq) command.

WEAPON - Your main-hand weapon.
OFFHAND - Thief has the ability to wield an off-hand weapon.
SHIELD - Wanderer, Uhlan, and Fighter have the ability to equip shields.
AMMO - Trainer uses weapons requiring ammo.
HEAD - Hats, helmets, and other headgear.
BODY - Armour, robes, and other clothing.
ACCESSORY - Other forms of clothing, as well as small trinkets.

At the bottom of your equipment screen you can see a simple breakdown of stats:

ATTACK POWER - Physical attack power.
M.ATTACK POWER - Magical attack power.
DEFENSE (DR%) - Physical defense and effective damage reduction.
M.DEFENSE (DR%) - Magical defense and effective damage reduction.
ACCURACY - Physical accuracy.
Hit rate = attacker's accuracy - defender's evasion.
M.ACCURACY - Magical accuracy.
Hit rate = attacker's m.accuracy - defender's evasion.
CRIT - Physical critical hit rate, in percent.
M.CRIT - Magical critical hit rate, in percent.
SPEED - Amount added to charge each clocktick.
PARRY% - Parry rate against auto-attacks.

You can use the -compact parameter to suppress any notes and effects that
are shown underneath your accessories.

See Also:
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