The Eternal Fantasy: Help [enmity]

                                  .: Enmity :.                                  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Also known as Hate, Aggro, or Threat. *****
Enmity refers to the hatred an enemy feels for any particular player. Every
player who is involved in combat with a creature has an enmity score. A creature
will attack the player who has the highest amount of enmity. However, if a
creature has an enmity target then there is a 10% buffer that other players must
overcome before the creature will switch targets.

For example: If Player A is the current enmity target with an enmity score of
100 and Player B surpasses them with a score of 101, the creature will not
immediately switch targets. If Player B continues to increase their enmity score
to 110, then the creature will focus on Player B instead of Player A.

A player's enmity score on a creature is increased by dealing damage to that
creature, or by healing anyone who is attacking that creature (even if they have
not directly attacked the creature themselves). Enmity generated by healing is
half as much as enmity generated by damage.