The Eternal Fantasy: Help [emotions]

                              .: Help Emotions :.
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Want to act out what you're feeling?
If you've already checked out 'help channels', you know emoting is possible.
You're idling in the nexus with a couple others and eventually it gets boring
enough to put you to sleep. But you're not going to say 'yawn'. No one says what
they want to do instead of doing it. Isn't it great to know you can do it here
too? Then let's show you how.

The command 'emotions' will display a long list of emotes which currently exist.

To use one, you would simply enter the name of it.
eg. 'yawn' which will show up to you as 'You yawn.'

But let's assume someone's been really nice to you. You want to express your
gratitude to him/her specifically. This person could be the target of your
eg. 'thank jake' which will show up to you as 'You thank Jake.'

You may want to add a modifier to an emote, to make it a little different or
even personal to you.
eg. 'laugh heartily' which will show up to you as 'You laugh heartily.'

Don't think it ends there. You can give a target and modifier for your emote.
eg. 'grin jake slyly' which will show up to you as 'You grin at Jake slyly.'

Of course, at some point or another, we would all like to make up our own
emotes. Maybe just to do something new and cute. Maybe for RP purposes. Whatever
the reason, it's possible. To find out more about it, check 'command emote'.

Aside from 'emotions' and 'command emote', you may find 'command temote' useful.