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Information regarding the world off FF1 and it's areas.
Eldaria was the first world we were introduced to. The four Light Warriors came
forth each carrying an Orb of the Elements, and brought order to chaos.

It has been 300 years since the Light Warriors brought peace to Eldaria. Dark
forces are at work again.

Many towns have come up since that age, and many places have changed. Places
that you may remember as small ports or areas of the landscape that seemed to
hold no signifigance, now play a much larger role in the scheme of things.

You will start in the city of Coneria, when you step through the portal from
the nexus. Coneria is the capitol city of the Conerian Kingdom. King Tenarig
rules his people, as his family has for 300 years. However, things are not all
nice and calm. Pravoka, a small city to the east of Coneria, part of the
Conerian kingdom, has grown discontent. Also, relations with the elves to the
south are not going well. There is talk of war.

In the broader world scene, the kingdom of Onrac has taken the Orb of Water, and
is using its power for world domination, and is currently preparing for a war
with the Lefeinish.