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***** Information regarding the world of FF4 and its areas. *****
It has been 50 years since the events of Final Fantasy 4, or 33 years since the
events of Final Fantasy 4: The After Years. After a long and peaceful rule,
Ceodore Harvey has been killed by an unknown assassin. Thousands of lives were
lost in the ensuing war of succession before a new king was seated. King
William is a former Dragoon, and his first act was to take Baron out of its
national period of mourning for Ceodore and focus on the future of the country.

William's victory, however, came at a high cost to the country. Disease and
poverty run rampant as the nobles, seeking resitution for their war losses,
recoup their funds and assets through taxing the people through any means
necessary. With no money to pay these taxes, the people have found their
crops, tools, even homes taken to line the coffers of the state and the
church. The Baronian army and the Knights Templar, the militant arm of the
Church of Baron, represent the only ways out of these conditions. For some,
enlistment represents the only possibility of survival.

The people are at a breaking point. Clashes between revolutionaries and an
ever increasing number of city guards are a daily occurrence. There are
whispers that there might be another war as a means to rally the people behind
a common cause.

For the purposes of the main scenario for Final Fantasy 4, you are a Baronian
caught in the conflict between the nobles and the people. Whether native to
Baron or an immigrant, you have lived there long enough that you can no longer
ignore these intolerable conditions. Change is coming. The fire rises.

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