The Eternal Fantasy: Help [death]

                                .: Knocked Out :.                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** What happens when your hit points reach zero *****
While commonly called "death" or "dying," reaching zero HP does not actually
result in true death. Instead, you are incapacitated, and your consciousness
briefly returns to the Lifestream to await its return to the mortal world.

After falling unconscious, you have 120 seconds before your body fades away and
you have no choice but to return to your save point. If a resurrection effect is
used on you, a white aether sphere will appear in the Lifestream, allowing you
to return to the room in which you were rendered unconscious. This sphere will
only appear for a total of 60 seconds, so be sure to use it before your time is

Aside from loss of progress, there is no specific penalty for being knocked out,
but it should be noted that KO may work differently in certain quests and
instanced battles.