The Eternal Fantasy: Help [conditions/status]

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Here's a list of some of the really useful statuses you may want to at least
take for a test spin.
berserk - you hit harder but less often and will not be able to flee
prevent berserk - prevents berserk from being cast on you
confusion - you can melee or use abilities but could end up hitting
yourself or another mob/player in the room
prevent confusion - prevents confusion from being cast on you
doom - causes someone to die
fear - weakens your attacks and sometimes makes you flee
prevent fear - prevents fear from being cast on you
hp poison - causes you to lose HP gradually
hp regen - helps you regenerate HP faster
invincibility - can't get hurt
life - resurrects someone after their death
mute - stops you from casting spells
prevent mute - prevents mute from being cast on you
paralysis - stops all movement or attacks by you
prevent paralysis - prevents paralyze from being cast on you
runic - absorbs magic
sp poison - causes you to lose SP gradually
sp regen - helps you regenerate SP faster
wall - all magic cast on you will bounce off and hit a mob/player
in the room instead