The Eternal Fantasy: Help [commands/settings]

                             .: Settings Command :.                             
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The settings command will allow you to change game settings. *****
After entering the command you will be shown a list of available settings, or a
filtered list if a search term was given after the command (e.g. "settings
combat"). You will be prompted to select a setting by number, which will then
display information about that game setting, its current value, and ask if you
would like to change the value.

Note: If your search term has only 1 result then it will automatically display
the setting details.

Depending on the setting, the value can be:
1) Toggled between ENABLED and DISABLED,
2) ANSI colors (you will be shown a list of available colors to choose from),
3) A number
4) Text

While in the settings menu you can type "q" to exit the menu.

List all settings
settings <term>
List settings that match the given term