The Eternal Fantasy: Help [commands/group]

                               .: Party Command :.                              
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** This command allows players to form and manage small parties. To *****
***** join an existing party, you must be invited by its leader. Once *****
***** invited, you have 60 seconds to join before your invitation *****
***** expires.If you quit, die or go netdead whilst in a party, your *****
***** membership to that party is automatically removed. If you are the *****
***** leader of that party, then the party will be disbanded. *****
Syntax: party form all players
Create a new party.

Syntax: party join invited players
Attempts to join a pre-existing party.

Syntax: party leave all members
Leave the party you're in.

Syntax: party members all members
See the members of the party you're in.

Syntax: party invite <player> leader ONLY
Invite a player into your party.

Syntax: party remove <player> leader ONLY
Remove a member from your party.

Syntax: party leader <player> leader ONLY
Set a new party leader.

Syntax: party pointman <player> leader ONLY
Set a new party pointman (player will be moved to front row).

Syntax: party disband leader ONLY
Disband your party.

Syntax: party row <front/back> all members
Moves you to the front or back row.

Syntax: party where all members
See your party members' current locations.

Syntax: party split <amount> all members
Split an amount of gil amongst all the members of your party.

Syntax: party splitbeyond <amount> all members
Split the rest of your gil amongst your party beyond the amount that you
have typed.

Syntax: party tell <message>
Alternate syntax: ptell <message>
Send a message to everyone in your party.
(set PTELL <color> to change the color of these messages)