The Eternal Fantasy: Help [commands/consider]

                          * Consider Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** This command allows a player to compare his stats with that of *****
***** another player or NPC for suggestions on whether or not to engage *****
***** into combat with that particular person/NPC. *****
Syntax: consider <string>
example: consider imp

There are some cases which might throw off this command. If you see any of
these three msges take heed:

<monster> looks like he may have dabbled in the black arts...
This monster has some magic spells which it may use on you or itself.

<monster> may be more skilled then he at first appeared...
This monster has some skills which it may use on you or itself.

<monster> may have a few tricks up %s sleeve...
This monster has a special 'proc' which it may use.