The Eternal Fantasy: Help [commands/charge]

                              .: Charge Command :.                              
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** This command shows you how long it's going to take to finish casting *****
***** a spell, performing an ability, etc. *****
Every 2 seconds, the game adds your Speed stat to your charge, and if this
number exceeds the total charge required to cast a spell, perform an ability, or
so on, the action is executed and any excess charge is saved.

The output of this command may be displayed in one of three ways:
simple: a percentage (e.g. 50%)
complex: a fraction (e.g. 75/100)
gauge: a progress bar (e.g. [****------])

Without an argument, this will display your charge according to the chosen type.
The default is "simple" type.

charge <type>