The Eternal Fantasy: Help [combat]

                                  .: Combat :.                                  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Combat in The Eternal Fantasy is real-time, not turn-based, and is inspired by
the action RPG gameplay of Final Fantasy 14. There is a focus on combos and
rotations to maximize damage per second (DPS). For help with specific classes,
please see those classes' help files and play guides.

In general, combat should feel familiar to RPG veterans. Player stats are
determined by level, equipment, and customization. To see your own stats, type
score. To get a sense of how your stats compare to an NPC's, use the consider
(or con) command. If an opponent is too difficult to defeat in your current
state, then it might be a good idea to come back at a higher level, or with more
powerful equipment.

To use an ability or cast a spell, simply type its name as a command. If you're
in combat, the game will automatically select your target. If not, or if you
would like to target a different opponent, then simply supply its name with the
command. For example: fire imp. To target a specific NPC out of several
identical ones, specify the target numerically, for example fire imp 2.

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