The Eternal Fantasy: Help [clocktick]

                                 .: Clocktick :.                                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** The basis of real-time combat *****
A clocktick refers to the interval at which the game progresses. Each
clocktick, active time events are updated and combat progresses. A clocktick in
The Eternal Fantasy is 2 seconds, or 30 per minute.

In combat, the player's speed stat is added to their total charge. If the total
charge exceeds the charge time of the spell or ability in use, that spell or
ability resolves. If the player isn't charging any action, a melee attack is
executed every 100 charge.

Poison and regen tick every 3 clockticks, or 6 seconds. Other effects that
specify time intervals in seconds occur in terms of clockticks. For example, a
listed duration of 30 seconds is actually 15 clockticks.

Certain abilities charge in clocktick intervals. These function independently
of the player's speed stat, and always resolve in the specified number of

See Also:
help charge - The command to display the user's charge
help prompt - The player's charge can be set as part of the prompt