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                                .: White Mage :.                                
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WHITE MAGE Required Stats : N/A
white wizard Required Life Level : N/A
devout Required Class Level : N/A
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black wizard
black mage

Mortal minds long for safety and salvation in a world fraught with danger. For
some, this involves strength of arms and the desire for unparalleled strength.
Others seek safety in numbers, in organized society. But the body is frail
and society cannot always be trusted. For some, safety and security are
achieved through the process that realizes one's will physically: Magic.

White mages learn to use their magic to control the elements of water, earth,
air, and light. This control is fortified by one's independence from disruptive
forces, by safety in spiritual asylum. White magic is often thought of as
inherently restorative, but white mages are capable of both restoration and
destruction in equal measure.

Weapon: staff
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory