The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/wanderer]

                                 .: Wanderer :.                                 
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WANDERER Required Stats : N/A
seeker Required Life Level : N/A
ravager Required Class Level : N/A
dark knight Abilities : help wandererlist
holy knight
divine knight

There are those who pledge oaths of loyalty, fealty, and chivalry. Then there
are Wanderers, who reject the hierarchy and structure of formal martial orders
and strike out on their own. Wanderers are self-sufficient fighters, able to
take care of themselves against most opponents. However, what truly sets a
Wanderer apart from a Fighter is not their sword techniques, but the mysterious
draught known as Nepenthe, which clears and focuses the mind at the cost of
one's own memory.

Armor: light armor/robe, shield, hat, accessory
Weapon: sword