The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/summoner]

                                 .: Summoner :.                                 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
caller Required Stats : INT (155)
evoker Required Life Level : 70
SUMMONER Required Class Level : Evoker (50)
mastersummoner Abilities : help summonerlist

Summoners have advanced knowledge of the art of Call Magic, capable of
constructing powerful avatars for the Espers with whom they have formed a bond.
They can also learn a powerful attack spell that changes depending on which
Esper they have summoned, and how to disguise their attacks to trick enemies
into thinking they came from the Esper.

The Summoner class can be learned by visiting Malvar in the Guild of Call Magic
in Tycoon and completing the quest ITALICA Deluge of Knowledge.

Armor: robe, hood/hat, accessory
Weapon: dagger/rod/whip