The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/sage]

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black mage Required Stats : INT (230)
black wizard Required Life Level : 99
magus Required Class Level : Magus (99), Devout (99)
SAGE Abilities : help sagelist
devout Play Guide : help sageguide4
white wizard
white mage

To become a sage requires not only mastery of the elements, not only mastery of
the living body, not only mastery of one's will. It requires the synthesis of
seemingly disparate magical practices. Whether a sage seeks togetherness or
solitude, they discover that the final realm of magic is the heavens themselves.

Yet the heavens bow to no one. Everyone is a star, a shining body of light in
the cosmos, one simple part of an unfathomable whole. The conclusion of a
sage's journey is not further mastery of the world around them, but the
knowledge that seeking "mastery" is merely a personal, individual path through
an unknown and chaotic world. In truth, there is no universal law, save for
what mortals create.

In the end, one law rises above all others. Love is the law, love under will.
Having fully realized their own unique place in the world, a sage discovers that
their will and the will of that which lies beyond have always been one in the
same. It is then that the heart and mind become truly free.

Weapon: rod, staff
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory