The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/runefencer]

                                .: Rune Fencer :.                               
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red mage Required Stats : INT (230)
red wizard Required Life Level : 99
fencer Required Class Level : Fencer (99)
RUNE FENCER Abilities : help runefencerlist

Rune Fencers are masters of the art of combining swordsmanship with Red Magic to
the point that they can infuse their weapon with mana rather than just using it
as a focus for spells. Etching their blade with runes turns it into a mana
battery, releasing elemental destruction with each swing. Conversely, runes can
be employed to turn their weapon into a lightning rod for other magic; Absorbing
it and converting it back into raw mana.

The Rune Fencer class can be learned by visiting Octavien in the Nights at Sea
Inn in Tule and completing the quest ITALICAn Abrupt Awakening.

Armor: light armor, hat, shield, accessory
Weapon: dagger/sword