The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/pugilist]

                                 .: Pugilist :.                                 
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PUGILIST Required Stats : N/A
black belt Required Life Level : N/A
monk Required Class Level : N/A
master monk Abilities : help pugilistlist

Whether a barroom brawler or a street fighter, everyone starts somewhere. But a
Pugilist isn't merely someone who swings their fists around in drunken fury.
With martial arts training, either self-taught or under a master, a Pugilist
draws resolve from their ability to adapt to their circumstances, fighting
fate not just with their fists, but also their fortitude.

As Pugilist is a dexterity-based martial class with Dual Wield, its strongest
synergy is with Thief, although Wanderer and Uhlan are also effective secondary

For additional information, please see: help stagger

Armor: suit, hat/hood, accessory
Weapon: claw/nunchucks