The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/mercenary]

                                 .: Mercenary :.                                
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fighter Required Stats : VIT (155), WIS (155)
squire Required Life Level : 70
MERCENARY Required Class Level : Squire (50)
Abilities : help mercenarylist

Mercenaries are soldiers who drift from battle to battle, whether for coin or
for higher ideals. Living in a harsh world, they try to keep their spirits and
the spirits of those around them high to survive for another day. They'd do
just about anything for their battle comrades, even die for them. They'd give
their life, not for honor, but for you.

Mercenaries use an assortment of physical buffs and can give HP, MP, and even
limit to others. Physical fighters benefit from abilities inherited from Squire
but need some Wisdom to take the class. Casters have ready access to a class
that grants them armor, at the cost of its spells being tricky to use; though,
use of any of them does grant limit. And alongside Squire's Recover for physical
statuses, Mercenary can recover from mental status effects through sheer

Armor: heavy/medium/light_armor/robe, shield, helmet/hat, accessory
Weapon: axe/dagger/flail/hammer/knightsword/sword