The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/magus]

                                   .: Magus :.                                  
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black mage Required Stats : INT (155)
black wizard Required Life Level : 70
MAGUS Required Class Level : Black Mage (50)
sage Abilities : help maguslist
devout Play Guide : help sageguide3
white wizard
white mage

A magus' connection to all things extends into the unseen, drawing aid from
otherworldly powers. Immersed in the flow of the world, a magus' consciousness
can easily find itself subsumed into a larger whole, beyond the comprehension of
mortal minds. The drop becomes an ocean.

It is in this state that a magus gains knowledge and understanding denied to
others, perspective which can only be gained through the eyes of another.
Suffering becomes a source of strength rather than despair, buoying instead of
sinking the spirit. In this way, a magus' individuality is never truly lost.
The ocean becomes a drop.

Weapon: rod
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory