The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/holydragoon]

                               .: Holy Dragoon :.                               
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
uhlan Required Stats : STR (230)
lancer Required Life Level : 99
dragoon Required Class Level : Dragoon (99)
HOLY DRAGOON Abilities : help holydragoonlist

A Holy Dragoon isn't just a more powerful Dragoon. It represents the strongest
possible bond to draconic aether, giving it even the power to manipulate life
itself. Holy Dragoons can harness the Highwind to overwhelming advantage,
raining a barrage of Jump attacks onto a continually staggered target. Few
foes can withstand the onslaught of a Holy Dragoon with Air Supremacy.

Armor: light/medium/heavy armor, shield, hat/helmet, accessory
Weapon: spear, sword