The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/heretic]

                                  .: Heretic :.                                 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
fighter Required Stats : VIT (200), WIS (200)
squire Required Life Level : 99
mercenary Required Class Level : Mercenary (99)
HERETIC Abilities : help hereticlist

Heretics trudge onward through all manner of grief trying to do what they
think is right, even in the face of what is popular and well established;
perhaps they rebel in poor understanding, perhaps because they know full well
what lurks in the dark. Such reasons are difficult to discern, for heresy is
in the eye of the beholder. In persevering for so long, they develop a fine
understanding of lifeforce and raw energy, achieving mastery over it to either
empower themselves greatly or let loose the ultimate destructive magic.

Heretic, taken by itself, is a simple class: it blows groups up with Ultima and
buffs itself in a number of ways with Scream. Anything Mercenary, Squire, and
Fighter can do still applies to Heretic as well.

Armor: heavy/medium/light_armor/robe, shield, helmet/hat, accessory
Weapon: axe/dagger/flail/hammer/knightsword/sword