The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/fencer]

                                  .: Fencer :.                                  
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red mage Required Stats : INT (155)
red wizard Required Life Level : 70
FENCER Required Class Level : Red Wizard (50)
rune fencer Abilities : help fencerlist

Fencers focus their study on swordsmanship, but as an integral part of Red Magic
rather than a departure from it. A Fencer's weapon becomes an extension of their
own body as they learn to turn offensive movements into part of their spell
preparation; Carving the glyphs needed to cast spells into the air and into the
bodies of their enemies. Each movement has a dual purpose, thus giving them the
appearance of being lightning-fast magic casters.

The Fencer class can be learned by visiting A'rhan Tia in the Grassy Plains
outside of Relidia and completing the quest ITALICGood Fencers Make Good

Armor: light armor, hat, shield, accessory
Weapon: dagger/sword