The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/devout]

                                  .: Devout :.                                  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
white mage Required Stats : INT (155)
white wizard Required Life Level : 70
DEVOUT Required Class Level : White Wizard (50)
sage Abilities : help devoutlist
magus Play Guide : help sageguide3
black wizard
black mage

To treat one's own body and mind as simple tools no different from the elements
requires not only true devotion to one's ideals, but the perspective to view
oneself as a simple, everyday part of a larger world.

Opening oneself up to divine forces beyond one's control or understanding takes
a willingness to love oneself and one's life no matter what befalls you, and the
ability to view misfortune not as tragedy, but as inspiration and motivation.
Giving oneself to those forces, even for the briefest of moments, takes such
determination that it can be called a true leap of faith.

Weapon: staff
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory