The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classes/blackwizard]

                               .: Black Wizard :.                               
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black mage Required Stats : INT (64)
BLACK WIZARD Required Life Level : 35
magus Required Class Level : Black Mage (25)
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devout Play Guide : help sageguide2
white wizard
white mage

Mastering the elements is the beginning of a black mage's journey, not the end.
Control over the fundamental forces of nature need not stop at the ability to
dominate the natural world. Mana permeates everything, including living beings.
The second step in a black mage's journey, therefore, is learning to control the
mana in both themself and others as easily as they control the elements.

The mind is ever a slave of the body, and to upset the mana within an opponent's
body is to play havoc with their mind. A black wizard's enemies will find
little respite from madness, agony, and stupor. Senses dulled to feel no fear,
using the very essence of life as a shield, nothing is sacred to a black wizard.

Weapon: rod
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory