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black wizard Required Life Level : N/A
magus Required Class Level : N/A
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white wizard
white mage

Mortal minds long for the ability to impress their will upon the world. For
some, this is a physical process of violence and dominance. For others, it is a
social process of relationships and hierarchy. But the most direct way one can
impress their will upon the world is through the process that transforms thought
into reality: Magic.

Black mages learn to use their magic to control the elements of fire, ice,
lightning, and darkness. This control is fortified through one's connection to
the world around them in a process known as Enochian magic. Black magic need
not be fundamentally destructive, and the black mages of both Mysidia and Troia
use their arts to build as well as destroy.

Weapon: rod
Armor: hat/hood, robe, accessory