The Eternal Fantasy: Help [class]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** An overview of the class system *****
Class determines a player's equipment selection and active traits. Equipment
selection can be verified in a class' help file. Traits can be verified in a
class' ability or spell list. Please see help <class> and help <class>list for
further information.

Classes can be changed at blue and purple aether spheres. The classes command
will display your current classes, their levels, accumulated job points (JP),
and the amount of JP required to advance in class level. Earned JP only applies
to the primary class. JP is earned by using abilities, casting spells,
defeating enemies, and completing quests. Class levels unlock new spells,
abilities, and traits, as well as being required for class promotion.

There are four tiers of class promotion. The first tier is at level 1, the
second tier is at level 35, the third tier is at level 70, and the fourth tier
is at level 99. Abilities and traits are inherited with each promotion. For
example, a Seeker inherits Wanderer's traits and abilities. Each class at
second tier and above has specific stat and class requirements listed in their
help file.

First, second, and some third tier classes are available at guilds in various
locations. Some third tier and all fourth tier classes require quest completion
to unlock. The relevant quests become visible when class requirements are met.

Players can set a secondary class. Abilities are inherited, but equipment
selection and traits are not. Different combinations can open up new
possibilities. For example, an Uhlan with Wanderer secondary can stagger
opponents more easily. Experiment with different combinations to discover a
playstyle that you like best!

See Also:
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