The Eternal Fantasy: Help [chicobo]

                               .: Help Chicobo :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood. Raising any child isn't easy but
that's what we're here to help you with. Here are the basics...
So your egg has hatched and lookey, you've got yourself a baby bird. What do
you do? Well, it might come more naturally if you've had a pet in the real
world or even if you've had a tomagotchi or other digitized pet. You really
only have two things to remember. Feeding and playing. And don't take these
responsibilities lightly. They're very important for a growing bird. Just
remember the golden rule: Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you. Now
for the list of commands.

check <name/id> - You should check your chicobo occasionally to make sure
he/she is in good health.

feed <food> - How hungry your chicobo is, of course, depends on how
long ago he/she ate and the size of the meal. This
command can be used in other ways for the same intent,
but this is the shortest syntax.

name <name> - It isn't necessary for you to give your chicobo a name,
but it's a feature you might like. It can be useful for
RPs or whatever else you might think of. Please choose
something reasonable. Otherwise, the name will be subject
to change.

peek-a-boo <name/id> - Since neither of us want your chicobo to get bored, we
thought it would be good to supply you with a game you
can play with him/her. A happy bird is a healthy bird!

pet <name/id> - It's nice to show affection for your bird every now and
then. I'm sure he/she will appreciate it.