The Eternal Fantasy: Help [channels]

                              .: Help Channels :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Kill the boredom or loneliness with some chatting.
So you've been hacking away at these mobs for the past hour and the boredom is
really starting to get to you. How about getting on some channels and chatting
with the other users?
Here are some useful commands:
channels - shows a list of all the channels available to you
Note: The rp channel exists solely for roleplaying.
tune <channel/in/out> - 'tune <channel>' will allow you to join or leave the
specified channel, 'tune in' will have you join all the
channels available to you, and 'tune out' will have
you leave all the channels you are tuned into
show - displays a list of the channels you are currently
listening to
<channel> - shows a list of all people listening on the channel as
long as you're tuned in
<channel> /last - show the most recent messages
<channel> /long - show more of the most recent messages
last <channel> - alias for <channel> /last

Now let's talk about the most popular channels.
ooc - for all out of character chatting and discussions
rp - for all in character roleplaying and chatting
music - for the moments when you feel like sharing lyrics with those listening
elite - for those level 99 and over
rpg - for chatting about video game RPGs (eg. Final Fantasy)
Note: If you wish to avoid hearing details about games you haven't yet
played, it would be wise to keep this channel tuned out.
The only spoilers allowed on this channel are, obviously, ones
for RPGs.
spoil - for dedicated spoilers, combined with rpg as the only channels which
spoilers are allowed on (see 'help spoilers')

Using ooc as an example, you would speak on the channel using
ooc <message>

To emote on the channel, you would use the following:
ooc: <message>
eg. ooc: yawns
This will show as Ooc: <name> yawns