The Eternal Fantasy: Help [bounty]

                                 .: Bounty :.
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Crush! Kill! Destroy!
Profit upon the relentless slaughter and dismemberment of your local wildlife!
Monsters out in the wilds of The Eternal Fantasy usually (but not always) do not
carry much if any in the way of traditional currency. The primary method of
getting cash for kills is by removing parts of their bodies and turning them in
to a town's bounty shop.

Ways to go about massacreing the corpses of your enemies for money:
* decapitate corpse: removes the head of the enemy. Usable by all classes.
* skin corpse: removes the skin of the enemy. Usable by the Hunter class.
* debone corpse: removes the bones of the enemy. Usable by the Hunter class.

Not so much about massacreing but still useful for purposes of corpse management:
* drag corpse: drags the body of the enemy along with you. It will eventually
rot, so make sure you get it to the bounty shop quickly!
* drag stop: stops dragging a corpse, in case you get sick of it early.
* bury corpse: gives the enemy a respectful burial, granting 1 JP for courtesy.
* get all from corpse: in the event that the enemy isn't some beast out in the
wild (or perhaps it is one of those rare beasts carrying trinkets anyways),
this will allow you to get everything from its corpse in short order.

And then, finally, the quick and dirty:
* loot corpse: decapitates the corpse, gets everything from it, then buries it.

If all else fails, some monsters, such as Leafers, DO still carry gil.