The Eternal Fantasy: Help [autoloot]

                                   .: Diku :.                                   
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** So you know DIKU, but you don't know LPC. Need a little help with *****
***** that? *****
This is a little DIKU - LPC translation guide for common commands.

The following is a short list of commands:
whois finger (to find more information on someone)
where This does not exist as we have no 'zones' for this command to
search for other users
consider con/consider - View detailed information about a target monster.
auto* autoloot/autosac/autogold/autoexits commands do not exist here.
wear equip
remove unequip
*.2 * 2 eg. ring 2 (this applies to items in shops, things to pick up,
and things on your character and others)
socials emotions
quaff drink (Note: There is no thirst or hunger in this MUD)
sleep This is just an emote here. There are inns and tent items which
can be used for faster healing, but sleep is not necessary.
donate A donation room does not exist here.
cast Not used here. Simply type the name of the spell you wish to cast
as long as it is in your current spells list.

That should be an okay start for you but don't hesitate to ask any questions on
the newbie channel. For more information, check 'help channels'.