The Eternal Fantasy: Help [aradian]

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Information regarding the world off FF3/6 and its areas.
It has been 15 years since Kefka was defeated, and magic was drained from the
world. Without the goddesses, source of the magical energy in Aradian, many of
the devices relying on magic have slowly stopped working, and all magic is gone.
Travelers with innate magical capability find themselves having to draw
entirely upon themselves for magic due to the lack of ambient mana to draw

The Imperial Remnant has grown in power, and other groups who hunger for power
have begun to overrun the world. The heroes have since moved on, having done
their part in saving the world. Now it's up to a new, younger bunch.

The nexus' portal will lead you to Narshe, where the ever-friendly Ja'elle will
welcome all new visitors to their world.