The Eternal Fantasy: Help [EFWA]

Eternal Fantasy Workers Agreement

Article I.

1. Any player may become an esper, provided the following is true:
A. The player has not broken any of the rules outlined in the
Player Rules and Regulations.
a. Special consideration may be given to any offenses, depending
on the severity.
B. The player has reached at least level 30.
C. The player has references among other players.
D. The player has an esper sponsor, who agrees to help teach the
player what they need to know.
E. The player foreknowledge of a minimum of two final fantasy games.
F. If these conditions are met, the Admin will make a decision on
whether or not to make the person an esper, based on the testimony
of their sponsored and the information and knowledge presented.

Article II.

1. Espers will not move a player to any location without permission
from an admin and the player.
2. Espers will not give any form of information about the workings
of the game to players. This includes, but is not limited to
A. quests
B. non-player characters
C. player characters
D. items
3. Espers will not give out any item to a player if not first
approved by an administrator.
4. Espers may not use the ability to go invisible to spy on the
conversation or actions of any player or esper, and cannot be
invisible in the same room as a player without first receiving
permission from an Admin.
5. Espers will not give any form of private information about
other players to players. This includes, but is not limited to
A. statistics
B. wealth
C. alternate characters (if not publically exposed via similar
information showing up on finger, and not publically exposed
via their own talking about it)
D. e-mail addresses (if hidden)
E. clan membership (if hidden)
F. IP addresses
G. discussions on semi-private channels, such as clantell
(you can not for example warn Bob if another clan is talking
about killing him)
H. location
6. If these rules are broken, punishment will be as follows:
A. First offense will result in a warning.
B. Gross or multiple offenses will receive a minimum of removal of
privileges of an esper character, and a maximum of removal of
all characters owned by the offender.
C. Breaking of Article II 4 will result in immediate suspension of
the invisibility privilege, and furthur violations will result
in the removal of the esper character involved.
D. Definition - privileges - Privileges, as used in Article II 6 B
refers to the abilities to move players, any commands which could
change the settings in another character, invisibility, ability
to communicate with players, or other abilities deemed fit by the
administrators at the time.

Article III.

1. Espers may have player characters, provided they follow the
following guidelines.
A. The player character must comply to all rules governing regular
player characters.
B. The esper must take all measures to keep the player character
and the esper character separate.
C. The player character must be registered with the admins
D, The player and esper characters cannot be logged on at the
same time.
E. Any esper may have two player characters.
F. Any esper may have only one test character.
G. An esper is able to take an exception from sections E and F
if they choose, but they must receive written permission from an
administrator, and obey all rules. A minor violation will make
any privileges under this section null and void.
H. Failure to comply with Article III will result in the removal
of any player character privileges.
I. Espers may petition the admins to restore player character
privileges no sooner than three weeks following the offense.

Article IV.

1. Espers may have a test character provided it complies to the following
A. The test character cannot be used in areas that are deemed open
to regular game play, and must be used only in areas designated
as testing or off-limits to normal characters.
B. Test characters must be marked as such to be a test character.
If this is not so, action will be taken as if you have two
regular player characters.
C. Test characters cannot come in contact with regular players, or
in anyway affect them.
D. Failure to comply to Article IV will result in the removal of
any player character privileges.
E. Espers may petition the admins to restore player character
privileges no sooner than three weeks following the offense.

Article V.

1. Espers must be helpful and courteous to players at all times.
A. Espers cannot purposefully supply false information.
B. Espers cannot insult, disrespect, or mock players.
C. Espers must act as mature adults at all times.
D. All rules of harassment that apply to players, are more strictly
applied to espers and any player characters they have.
E. Punishment will be dealt as follows:
a. Violation of sections A, B, and C will be punished by a minimum
removal of ability to communicate on player channels, tell
messages to players not marked test character, with a maximum
punishment of removal of player privileges.
b. Violation of section D will result in an immediate removal of
all characters owned by the esper, both player and immortal.

Article VI.

1. All code in any domain is owned by the MUD and Administrative
staff. By entering code into a domain, you agree that you will
maintain that code should it need to be, and that you give rights
to it over to the administrative staff.
A. Anything not in your personal directory is owned by the mud.
B. Should you quit, anything within your directory becomes property
of the mud, and may be used for practical or learning purposes.
C. Headers crediting others must be included in any file which is
not your original creation.
D. Backwards-compatability is important, anything that your code
makes obsolete or lose its functionality is your responsibility
to update, or write detailed instructions for others so that
they can change their own areas. If you need to find all
references to some certain string of text, then you may ask
Tim to search for it.
E. If you are unable to agree to these terms, your esper character
and privileges will be removed.

Article VII.

1. Nothing you code can be anyway harmful to players, the staff, or
the mud. It is the duty of the coder to ensure that all problems
and bugs in their code are fixed.
A. No code can intentionally inflict damage without reason and
B. No code may alter a player's stats or provide experience
or job points without work.
C. Anything which is part of, but not limited to, the following is
strictly prohibited by the mud
a. virii
b. harassment programs, which include but are not limited to
1. spammers
2. instant death objects
3. snooping devices
4. command jammers
D. No esper may intentionally place a bug in their code for the
purpose of giving a player an unfair advantage. This includes
but is not limited to:
1. anything that generates experience, job points, gil, or equipment
that can be used continuously without risk.
a. the risk must be great enough to discourage continual and
unrestricted use
2. anything that can be used to acquire experience, job points,
gil, or equipment with little to no risk.
E. Punishment for violations of Article VII are as follows:
1. First time breakings will be met with a minimum of a warning
to a maximum of removal of some esper privileges.
2. Second time offenses will be met with a minimum of removal of
esper privileges, to a maximum of removal of esper characters.
3. Gross or multiple offenses will be met with a minimum of removal
of esper characters, to a removal of all characters owned by
the offenders.

Article VIII.

1. All espers are expected to become accustomed to the coding system
of the mud as soon as possible upon being raised to esper, and
seek a position in the domain of their choice.
A. Espers must reacquaint themselves with LPC code as quickly as
B. Espers must prove their knowledge of coding by building their own
C. Espers must seek a domain as quickly as possible.
D. Failure to comply to Article VIII will result in removal of the
esper character.

Article IX.

1. All espers agree to comply to the following Terms of Espership
A. Espers agree to act in a mature and responsible manner.
B. Espers understand Article VI and Article VII of code ownership
and restrictions.
C. Espers understand that all code is free for learning purposes.
D. Espers understand that if they go absent for three months, their
directories will be backed up and their esper character removed.
E. Espers understand that if they are found to abuse their privileges,
as privileges are defined in Article II 1 C.
E. Espers understand that if they do not wish to agree to all
Articles, they will be terminated from their position.

Article X.

1. Administration reserves the right to alter, polymorph, dest, add,
transmute, or in any way change any of the above rules at any time,
under any circumstance. Administation also reserves the right to
make judgement calls as may be needed in unusual circumstances
on a case by case basis.

Last updated: May 15, 2001.