The Eternal Fantasy: Finger (tim)

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Projects: In general I'm working on new player experience right now.
Creation process first, got pretty terrible, neglected it for other things.
Next is starting areas. Mainly need to get thoughts on closing off Baron.
Then there's scanning through changes throughout the game, particularly
around 2020-2021. Much got downloaded, edited, uploaded, without actually
being worked on and without being tried.
 Everything is forward compatible with 2022 FluffOS far as I can tell.
 It is functional but we've written things that run badly on the driver we are
 using and even worse on the modern one.
 I'm monitoring for changes that might conflict with it.
 Changed login screen to highlight quests instead.
Builder tools:
 Automated tests, code analysis and formatting, map structuring, text analysis,
 change tracking. All on their way or partially in.
 Those should help directly, they would tell when something we've written a
 test for changes for the worse. But also it should help even on things that
 eyeballs pick up, as it won't rely on a brave person to speak up.
New player experience:
 Much room to improve the creation process. Once in the game, the starting areas
 generally are a problem, like Baron should have been walked through as part of
 2021 revamp but was not. Help files don't get to the point. Newbiestuff is
 still a command. Purple spheres make no mention of 'recall' looking at them,
 need to reach the third page of 'help spheres'. Some commands have long output
 without pages. Little is written with screen readers in mind.
User interface:
 Most on the game side is in for user interface elements. All of it needs to be
 rearranged and tied to appropriate events. It is functional to work from,
 though timing may be off.
 There are automatic UI elements for Grapevine web client, BeipMU, and Mudlet.
 I have basics for TinTin++, will probably set up webtin eventually.
 MUSHclient and customized web client would be next.