The Eternal Fantasy: Finger (tim)

On since: Sun Aug 14 01:09:10 2022
Login name : Tim                       Real name : Tim                    
Status     : Admin                     Domain    : Tycoon (reality esper) 
Spouse     : Anaria
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Projects: Upcoming metadata tracking for builders
Have put a huge dent in old error logs, vast majority of errors are recent
 Most everything will run on 2022 FluffOS, far enough along that I changed
  the login screen to highlight quests as current thing. Modern driver has
  more capabilities but worse performance. Our own coding practices make it
  worse. Touched on some of the worst parts, but we are not ready to switch.
  Made some forward compatible, utilizing native functions when possible or
  an LPC alternative when not, so same code would run on several drivers.
  Won't use modern driver quite yet, might never, but fine for test copy.
 Tools to assist in building: Wrote a bunch of automated tests, some code
  analysis and formatting stuff, system for running them, still working on
  the presentation for that and changes over time.
 New player experience: Much room to improve the creation process. Once in
  the game, the starting areas generally are a problem, holding off there.
 Modernization, user interface:
  Most code on the game side is there for user interface elements. All of it
  needs rearranged and tied to appropriate events, but it is something
  functional to work from, though timing may be off. Grapevine web client
  already has the status bars. BeipMU has a simple status window. Mapping is
  nearly ready. Mudlet currently has a simple proof of concept level of UI
  with status bars, type 'gmcp client' to try it. Soon will have dedicated
  section for those bars, the map, and chats.