The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: zone

                              * Zone Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Converts <time_got> in time zone <zone_got> to time in <zone_wanted> *****
Syntax: zone <zone_wanted> <time_got> <zone_got>

Example: zone GMT 23:10 PST   would convert 11:10pm Pacific Standard Time
                              into the equivalent Greenwich Mean Time time.
Recognised abbreviations are:

    PST (Pacific Standard),         MST (Mountain Standard),
    CST (Central Standard),         EST (Eastern Standard),
    AST (Atlantic Standard),        NST (Newfoundland Standard),
    YST (Yukon Standard),           GMT (Greenwich Mean),
    BST (British Summer),           PWT (Portugese Winter),
    WST (Western European),         EET (Eastern European),
    CET (Central European),         MET (Middle European),
    SAST (South African Standard),  AWT (Australian Western),
    ACT (Australian Central),       AET (Australian Eastern),
    NZT (New Zealand),              NZST (New Zealand Standard).

If _YOUR_ time zone isn't listed, please leave mail with an admin.
Be sure to include the abbreviation, the full name, and the number
of hours difference from GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)!

You can 'set TZONE <zone>' to let the game know what your local time zone is,
and some commands will then give information using your local time.
You can also specify TZONE numerically as the time difference in
hours from GMT.  For example, GMT - 8 hours would be: 'set TZONE (-8h)'.