The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: set

                              * Set Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  The set command allows you to set and change different environment  *****
*****  variables which affect how you interact with the Eternal Fantasy    *****
*****  world.                                                              *****
Syntax:  set
     lists all environment variables which have been set.
Syntax:  set [variable [value]]
     allows you to set an environment variable.  If the variable already exists,
     the old value is replaced with the new one.
Some of the possible environment variables are:
CHANNELNAME - Set the color you would like to have a channel displayed as
         The name of the channel in all caps is what you should set for that.
         (set GOSSIP RED, for instance)
sound - set to on if you would like to hear sounds, and are using a mud client
        that supports sound
vote - set to on if you would like to participate in votes
auction - set to on if you would like to participate in auctions
history - set the size of your history buffer (default 20).
info - setting to 'OFF' means you won't see some announcements,
       such as other people levelling up
LINES - set the number of lines on your screen (default 24).
wrap - sets the number of characters that messages will wrap at (default 80)
TZONE - your timezone (one of EST, CST, MST, PST, BST, GMT, CET, EET, AST).
        Lets the game display all times in your time zone's units.
mail_notification - notifies you when new mail arrives.
mail_entry_unread - When you enter the mailer, the automatic headers listing
   will only show unread mail (useful for when you have a large mailbox).
mail_no_cc - Disable the CC prompt when you send mail.
TCOLOR - Set your incoming tells color (set TCOLOR RED, for instance)
prompt - set your prompt (see 'help prompt' for information you can put in your prompt)
PKINFO - setting to 'off' blocks PK announcements.
noexits - Setting this will block exits from being shown when you type 'look'.
ECOLOR - Set your exits to a color. ( set ECOLOR RED, for instance)
autoviewmap - makes 'look' include a map wherever you go
WEAROFFCOLOR - Set the color you see statuses wearing off in.
trivia - set to on if you would like to participate in trivia
stay - set if you want to avoid running when trying to leave a fight
SAY - color that you see 'say' messages in
editor - 'set editor ed' to use the advanced editor and skip the simple editor