The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: pk_complain

                         * Pk_complain Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  This will put you into text entry mode to enter a PK complaint.     *****
*****  Your name, location and the time will be automatically included in  *****
*****  the file with your report, for the attention of the appropriate     *****
*****  wizard.  Please do not use this command often, as many kills will   *****
*****  be in the name of roleplaying such as clan wars.  This command      *****
*****  should only be used if you are being attacked by a person just to   *****
*****  be mean, or if they are outnumbering you or are much stronger than  *****
*****  you are.                                                            *****
Syntax: pk_complain

See also: bug, typo, idea, praise, query