The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: nickname

                            * Nicnname Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  Nickname will substitute real_name for all occurances of nick_name  *****
***** on your command line (except for the first word. that's reserved for *****
***** aliases.) This allows you to use shortened words to refer to people, *****
*****   objects, etc, rather than typing long drawn out names. Talking to  *****
*****  players with long names is no longer an annoyance!  An escape of \  *****
*****  in front of a word will prevent that word from being expanded (For  *****
*****      when you want to say the nick_name and not the real_name.)      *****
Syntax: nickname <nick_name> <real_name>


> nickname way wayfarer
> tell way No \way way! These nicknames are stuf!ly!(tm)

This expands to:

> tell Wayfarer No way Wayfarer! These nicknames are stuf!ly!(tm)