The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: limit

                            * Limit Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****    The limit command shows how full your limit gauge is and lets     *****
*****                 you perform a limit break technique.                 *****
 Every time you take damage in combat, your character is pushed a little closer
 towards his or her limit level.  When enough damage has been taken, a powerful
 technique can be used, which varies depending on your class.

 Once this technique has been used, the limit gauge is reset to zero and must
 be charged again.

 This command will activate your limit break technique, or, if your gauge is
 not full or you are not fighting, show how close you are to being able to use

 syntax: limit
 You may set yourself to use the limit of a different class in your class tree.
 syntax: limit set_limit <class_name>
 And you may go back to using your own class's limit break as follows:
 syntax: limit clear_limit
 syntax: limit clear
 NOTE: If you are in a different class tree, set_limit won't take effect.
 NOTE: Changing or clearing your limit break will clear your limit gauge!