The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: inventory

                             .: Inventory Command :.                            
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****   This command lists all of the items contained in your inventory.   *****
Inventory is divided into these sections:

  - Worn equipment
  - Unwielded weapons
  - Unworn armor
  - Potions
  - Other items

All items are sorted alphabetically within their categories.

If additional text is added to the command then a filter will be applied before
the items are displayed. Items can be filtered by matching item IDs,
weapon/armor type (e.g. axe, cap, robe, etc.) or words in item names. There are
also special keywords that can be used with the filter:

  - weapon: Display all weapons
  - armor: Display all armor
  - worn: Display all equipped items
  - potion: Display all potions

  Syntax: inventory [filter term]
  inventory ring