The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: hp

                                .: HP Command :.                                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  The hp command shows how many hit points and spell points you have  *****
*****           left.  It is an alternative to the score command.          *****
Lowercase indicates an ailment, uppercase is protection against it.
Paralysis (p/P), Mute (m/M), Fear (f/F), Confusion (c/C), Berserk (b/B), Undead
(u/U), Amnesia (a/A)

The following statuses are not preventable:
Invincible (i), Life (l), Runic (r), Wall (w)

Poison is denoted by a '-' by your HP and Regen is denoted by a '+'.


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