The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: converse

                           * Converse Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****   This command puts you into converse mode.  While in converse mode  *****
*****    everything you type is automatically said.  You may precede any   *****
***** commands with a ! to have them executed.  To exit converse mode type *****
*****                '**' or '.' at the beginning of a line.               *****
*****   Additionally, you can use a parameter to do something other than   *****
*****  say, for example, if you wanted to use this to tell everything you  *****
*****   say to someone, then you can put "tell friend" as the parameter.   *****
*****    If no parameter is given, then everything you type will be done   *****
*****                   with the say command by default.                   *****
Syntax: converse tell bob         To tell Bob everything you type
        converse                  To just say everything you type