The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: auction

                        * Auction Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****  The auction command allows you to auction items to other *****
*****  players on the mud which they can bid on. *****
*****  Rules explained below, see also help for bid command *****
Syntax: auction <item>
     example: auction sword 

After auctioning, you will be prompted to set a minimum bid
value, which is self explanatory. The item will be offered for up 
to 3 minutes for bids, and if a bidder is found and wins, they will 
receive the item and you will be paid the money earned. 10% of your 
earnings will be deducted as a service charge. If there are no bidders, 
the item offered will be returned to you. In the event you or the winning 
bidder leaves, the program will confinscate any forfeited items/money with 
no rightful owner. If you type 'auction' without any parameters during a
bidding you can see the current auction statistics. Auctions can't be manually
cancelled however, keep that in mind.
See also: command bid