The Eternal Fantasy: Random Names

This lists 100 'random' names generated by the MUD. These are
made by putting together fragments that are commonly in names.
(It's just a simple random fantasy name generator.)
They're listed without checking if they're allowed or banned
or not, so not all names coming from this are valid.
I've seen words come up as results on this quite a few times.
Today, I saw "Thorn" and "Card", for example.

Refresh the page to generate a new list of names.

Gwhimron       Ariamos        Cdolron        Acylia         Graea          
Iboemar        Ariilactred    Andieldan      Dwormond       Aharedric      
Eljaln         Wdolmas        Ldolnik        Adort          Adorc          
Laled          Dglenr         Anilalin       Adwireb        Wicirabia      
Ibdelth        Onfrgor        Araaunidd      Aserracan      Olalewyth      
Ardarlgrin     Nimos          Creivan        Ybalecred      Ciredfrid      
Gganyth        Ethiligia      Iberacal       Anhodric       Gloremond      
Miriemia       Andeig         Gcrelia        Ardolcylia     Dwaedran       
Agrendad       Lothodia       Thdarc         Cywan          Craletram      
Grdolw         Rhdarvahl      Agrynnon       Relatrem       Nydoiik        
Astalimond     Theria         Djaldus        Cadglenwyr     Astotlan       
Laruwin        Ddarvudd       Feragia        Asunn          Mirilaek       
Ardolth        Teavudd        Crelidan       Gwilatlan      Cadaytrem      
Ethayen        Thamar         Dwdelth        Paet           Leguv          
Olaemar        Agreit         Asigold        Sevglenvin     Anirald        
Anelic         Rglendan       Vuria          Iberig         Croennor       
Caddart        Edoinia        Perrannor      Ibdolvan       Sevaylia       
Kafrf          Wilaria        Aiactred       Wendanor       Ahbrinyth      
Licred         Alorg          Ahoedric       Arbria         Broinyth       
Trilaw         Bdelldan       Prhimand       Laraegord      Wcenbaen       

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