The Eternal Fantasy: Help [start/world]

Exploring and Interacting with the World

This is the most common command used to see your surroundings. All areas in the
game are described in text. Every weapon and armor and item has a description
that you can see by "look <object>" You can also "look in <container>" to see
the contents of a container or corpse. People are considered containers too,
so you can "look <object> in <person>" to see something they are holding.

This allows you to acquire objects that you see around you on the ground.
You can get objects from bags and corpses.
"get <object>"

You can put objects into containers.
"put <object> in <container>"

Allows you to drop an object from your inventory onto the ground. The object
will still exist where you drop it. (unlike in FF games, where if you drop it,
the object is gone) Dropping objects allows other people to get them.

You can give objects to other people with this command.
"give <object> to <person>"

exits and go
This command will give you a list of visible normal exits from the room. These
are like "north, west, south, east." You can "go north" or just "n" to travel
in that direction. It is easy to get lost. So be sure to picture the area in
your mind's eye, and remember where you are. It helps to draw maps.
Since TEF is based on the games, many of the areas look almost exactly like the
maps that you can find on the internet, or those that came with the games.

This command can be useful in certain places. When you search, be sure to try
to "search", "search here" and "search <specific object>" You never know what
you might find.

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