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Knowing Yourself In The Eternal Fantasy

There are several points about yourself that you should always know. Much like
in the FF games, you can access your stats through a "subscreen." To do this,
you type:


A screen will come up giving you your vital stats. Your name, race, class,
gender, guild, level, xp, xp-to-next-level, HP/maxHP, SP/maxSP, and your stats
and wealth (among other things.)

The max any stat can go is 255. You'll notice that you have about 5 in each
stat right now. Depending on your race, your stats will rise at a fixed rate
every even levelup until level 50, and then each levelup until level 99.

"inventory" will show you what you are carrying, like the items subscreen in FF
games. Unlike FF games, you do have a limited capacity to carry things. Your
capacity will increase with your strength.

Next, you'll want to see the "armor" and "weapons" screens.
These tell you what you are equiping for battle. If you do not equip anything,
you will be naked and fighting with your weak fists.

Remember, the higher the numbers, the better. Negative numbers are bad.

"weplist" will give you a list of weapon types that you can wield.

"wield <weapon>"
"equip <armor>"

Now you're ready for combat, but don't go fighting just yet.

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