The Eternal Fantasy: Help [start/communication]

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say <message> - use this to speak to everyone in the room with you
tell <person> <message> - use this to speak to someone in another room on the
who - this will show the number of people currently on the
MUD as well as a list of them, categorized by position
Note: You should see the headers 'Admins', 'Espers'
and 'Players'. See more below.
channels - shows a list of all the channels available to you
Note: The rp channel exists solely for roleplaying.
tune <channel/in/out> - 'tune <channel>' will allow you to join or leave the
specified channel, 'tune in' will have you join all
the channels available to you, and 'tune out' will
have you leave all the channels you are tuned into
show - displays a list of the channels you are currently
listening to
ask <mob> about <topic> - usually 'ask <mob> about list' is a good start as most
do have a list, but some mobs will require special
keywords in order to respond to you

Admins are the managers of the building of the MUD. They fix bugs and code
abilities and generally try to keep everything running smoothly.

Espers are the main area builders for the MUD. They also code abilities, fix
typos, etc.

There are very strict rules of interaction between the players and the staff.
The staff is not to be asked for quest information, including hints. They also
cannot give you any equipment or information about other players' stats. Lastly,
they cannot show you any formulas pertaining to anything in the MUD. These are
all illegal.

As for interaction with players, quest hinting is also illegal and can result in
your character's deletion.

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